Alexander Kanevsky Art Gallery

Dedicated to the Creative Legacy of Doctor Alexander Kanevsky.

Opened in Kent, Connecticut, USA, in 2000 after Alexander has received the First International Award in Fine Arts in Italy;

Moved to New Haven in 2001 after it’s Historic City Hall exhibition of artist’s work erupting volcanic insurrection of the US media on Culture, Politics and Ideology;

Held close to 300 works of Kanevsky’s art sizing from 16 inches to 16 feet.

Through seven years of it’s existence received visitors from most of worlds countries.

Visitors from Japanese Church, Kenyan Government, Columbian television, British Theatre, Russian Science Center, South Indian Village, German Kuntzhalle, American Hollywood,  Mongolian Feudal Citadel passed through the "magic of Newly Created World forever afflicted" as said the visitor from New Zealand.

"Alexander I consider the best artist and my teacher" said the visitor from India. And "Alexander Kanevsky is better than any of the greatest masters of the past" said the visitor from Germany. "This "God’s Kingdom" should be put on a wall of a New Church whereto the whole world would pilgrimage to drop on his knees before it" said the visitor from USA.

Even past three years after Alexander has moved to Princeton, the inscription "Kanevsky Art Gallery" on the New Haven Downtown building is still there. Would it stay there forever as a monument to the greatest art the world has ever seen?